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About Us

The independent record label that pushes the limits in every category, with artists that break all the rules and have a lot of fun doing it! Bringing love and purpose to rap music and several other genre's. 



The dream that started from $200 and living in the cheapest hotels in South Central, CA, turned into an internationally known Smoke Shop (Smokin' Heaven) on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, spawning episodes usually reserved for movies and celebrity rock stars, ultimately manifesting a one of a kind world class Record Label!

SicLogic Records created perhaps the first single which metamorphosed into a worldwide conscious documentary called TEN THOUSAND VOICES a comprehensive film about the most transitional period of modern history. As well as perhaps the most rebellious truth bomb of a music video of all time titled COVID WORLD ORDER. The labels founder G Shooz aka Siclogic takes pride in being able to take his listeners from turnt up party and street music, swiftly over to songs of love or of evolving the human consciousness. Which Is not far off his new book ALPHA & OMEGA OF THE SOUL (A Holistic Exploration of Consciousness) a spiritual and philosophical guidebook to the lifecycle via all original proverbs and enlightening epiphanies. 

Truly giving credence to the name Siclogic this label offers some of the darkest/hardest hitting concepts and music in Rap/Hip Hop, yet it also yields perhaps one of the most positive and inspiring movements to come out of the music industry, including the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS WORLDWIDE - EARTH COMMUNITY COLLECTIVE: which is a council of highly spiritual and scientific minds who hold a series of international "Public Think-Tank Symposia" with a vanguard of elite intellects and speakers which just may revolutionize the way humankind communicates and interacts. Hence the ever so fitting slogan–'The Evolution of Revolution'.